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What does CreditVidya’s SDK do?

CreditVidya’s SDK is an android Software Development Kit that can be integrated with native or hybrid android applications. It allows a lender to collect consent-driven data. This unstructured data is then processed on CreditVidya’s AI and machine learning platform help lenders asses the credit risk of the applicant, even when they have scanty or no bureau credit scores.

Does the SDK impact the performance of the lender’s app or the battery of the customer our application performance and battery?

We understand that smartphone real estate is precious to your customers. CreditVidya’s SDK has been designed to collect data from the mobile device in the most efficient manner possible. This makes the impact on the app negligible.

Why does your SDK need android permissions?

CreditVidya uses data from your customer’s phone to assess his/her creditworthiness. This granular assessment based on such alternative data points, allows you to provide unsecured credit to sections of the population with no credit history.

What data does CreditVidya’s SDK collect and why does it need this?

Our SDK collects data related to the device as well as that contained in transactional SMSes. Here are some more details:

Apps: We collect and monitor the list of installed apps in the customer’s device.

SMS: We collect and monitor only messages related to financial transactions. These could be a description of the transaction, e.g. debit and credit notifications, and the corresponding balance amount We DO NOT collect any personal SMS data.

Location: Information about the location of your device.

Phone: Specific information about your customer’s device including the hardware model, operating system, unique device identifiers and mobile network information.

Contacts: Information on the list of contacts.

Accounts: The list of profiles in your customer’s device

The wide range of data points (over 10,000) are processed by our platform using deep learning algorithms, to create as rich a customer profile as possible and allow instant credit decisioning for lenders. The more data that is available, the more robust the profile that we can create. Contact list data provides insights into the social network of an applicant, and consequently, helps to ascertain credit risk.

Data related to the device is collected in order to assign a unique ID to devices and ensure that unauthorized users are not acting on behalf of the individual applicant. This is a mechanism to prevent fraud.

Does CreditVidya’s SDK collect data even if the user doesn’t grant it the permission to do so?

No. Our SDK can only access an applicant’s data after they have explicitly granted it permission to do so.

Does CreditVidya share user data with third parties?

No, CreditVidya does not share your customer’s data with any third party.

Is the data collected one time or at regular intervals?

Data is collected upon installation and the updated data is collected at regular intervals, when the app is active.

Can the user revoke access to the permissions given? If yes, how?

Absolutely. A user can change the settings of the app at any point. To do this, they need to go to ‘settings’ and disable the permissions granted to the app. These can be re-enabled at any point.

How long is the data retained?

This varies with each partner. We purge customer data on the request of lenders.

What measures does CreditVidya take to protect user data?

As close partners of institutional lenders, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest industry standards in data protection and privacy. We are ISO 27001 certified – the first firm in this domain to receive the certification. We use world-class data security and end-to-end encryption techniques to protect the data of your customer

Can we subject the SDK to security tests?

CreditVidya’s SDK is subjected to periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration tests and the reports are shared with clients on request. Feel free to conduct your own security assessment tests on our SDK.

Does CreditVidya’s SDK comply with Google’s android policy?

Yes, it does. CreditVidya’s SDK is 100% compliant with Google’s android policy.

What is the size of the SDK?

Currently, the SDK is approximately 250

Does CreditVidya provide SDK for iOS applications?

No, it is only for android applications.

How frequently do we get SDK upgrades?

CreditVidya SDK is very stable and we make constant improvements to performance and security. An SDK upgrade will not happen more than once a month. We inform clients about upgrades to our SDK in advance, so that they can include them in the app upgrades.

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