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Data Security & Privacy

Customer data is sacrosanct. We cherish the trust that is placed in us to protect the data owned by lenders and customers.

Consent-driven Access

Complete transparency is critical to building trust in alternative lending

Security by design

Proactive, preventive, ‘end-to-end’ security is the default setting of our products


We comply with the most stringent protocols and the highest global standards

We're raising the bar for data privacy and security in the fintech space

Consent - driven access

We believe that the alternative lending ecosystem can only be scaled up in an environment of trust between stakeholders, which calls for transparency.Consumers are presented with a prominent disclosure screen, and detailed information on why, how and what data is being collected and used. Conscious consent is a mandatory step to proceed with our service.

Security by design

Keeping data secure is a priority for us, and this is reflected in the design of our products, from the start.

  • Data is collected, transmitted, stored and eventually purged in a highly secure manner
  • We are proactive. We conduct vulnerability assessments periodically and have robust threat detection systems
  • We take prevention seriously. Our multi-layered security architecture with multi-factor authentication ensures that risks are addressed before a potential security breach.
  • Our products are equipped with the following features right from conception:
    1. Confidentiality - allowing access to authorized users only
    2. Integrity - ensuring data is not tampered with
    3. Availability - ensuring data is available to each user as and when they need it

We believe that a commitment to privacy mandates that we maintain the highest global standards and protocols.

  • We adhere to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures for sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011
  • We adhere to Google’s policy guidelines regarding data collection, processing and management
  • We are a member of the Data Security Council of India (DSCI, NASSCOM)

ISO 27001

We are ISO 270001 certified, a reflection of our commitment to data privacy and security adherence across our operations.

  • We carry out highly secure organisational and administrative practices
  • We have strong technical measures and vulnerability tests to ensure the highest standards of security
  • Periodic, repeated ISMS training of our employees in Information Security Management Systems is an integral part of our employee onboarding process. The Information Security team receives additional training
  • Post training, each employee is thoroughly assessed to ensure efficiency.

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