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We’ve got a brand new avatar!

June 6th, 2018
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We’ve got exciting news to share- now, we have a brand new avatar!
We started in 2012 with the mission to help people understand finance and credit better. We want people to get the credit they want, to fuel their dreams. We want them to understand  credit scoring better, and thus, their credit reports better. We want them to have the knowledge that would empower them to manage their credit score better. The aim has always been on educating people, imparting vidya (knowledge). We kept people- borrowers specifically, at the core of what we do.

It’s been so long that we’re in the business. We’ve changed a lot…who doesn’t? After all, only change is constant.
We’ve kept our eyes wide open to look for opportunities, we’ve grabbed them, we’ve innovated, we’ve delivered and we’ve grown evolved with time.
We’re not just helping people anymore, but also businesses.
We believe that with digital finance, comes financial inclusion. So the previously 1.6 billion of the world population that was unserved and underserved, now has this opportunity to come under the formal banking. With influx of $2.1 trillion of credit globally, loans will get more affordable. And what would this mean for an economy like ours? A growth of upto 12% added to the GDP.
And with the passage of time, we decided to be the enabler for reimagining credit by leveraging technology. Alternate data points sourced with the help of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence is what forms the crux of our products.
So we knew, it was time that this change reflected in every aspect of what we do, starting with our digital assets. After all, change is good, no?
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…our new avatar!

This new CreditVidya logo is very close to our heart (not just because it looks like one!) because it’s a promise of a bright tomorrow. It also reflects our personality, our traits and our attitude:
Edge- Our new logo is sharp. It’s got an edgy. It reflects our reliance and belief in technology that we use to build our products.
Intellect- At CreditVidya, We think out of the box like there’s no box, and believe in the power of limitless possibilities. We strive to make the best use of our intellect, to be able to solve problems and make things easier for everyone.
Communication- We swear by it. We always keep asking questions, and we always are keen to hear the answers. If we’ve been able to grow, and scale our business, it’s only because we’ve believed in communicating freely.
Enthusiasm- Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. We, at CreditVidya, understand this and do the smallest tasks with great ownership and enthusiasm. Our mission to make available loans to 50 million people by 2020 is what keeps us on our toes.
Adaptive- Ask, and we do it for you. We’re cool that way. No matter what the problem, we work hard and make sure that our products help you solve it. We walk the extra mile.
Warm- Yellow, with the depth. You’ll experience the endearing culture when you talk to anyone of us at CreditVidya, really. We work like a big, beautiful family where everyone’s considerate of each other, and always ready to help. Probably that’s why we look forward to monday mornings?
Tell us how do you like our new logo? We really want to know. 🙂
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