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Revealing CreditVidya’s Constitution this Republic Day

January 25th, 2018
Read Time : 5 mins

What if we all had a personal constitution? Like something that we could go through every morning? Like a ready referencer to go-to every time we faced a dilemma? Like something that made decision-making easier? Like everytime we read it, we’d have our answers? Like it motivates us to keep at our hustle?
Here at CreditVidya the founders believe that values are what makes not only a great country but also a great company.
And just like a country, CreditVidya too, comprises of amazing people with different talents, backgrounds that have come together to work towards a common goal.
Here are a few core values that we live by at CreditVidya (and even otherwise) –
Relentlessly pursue dreams to deliver- impact Because dreams are all we have. They are the reason why we wake up every morning, and do what we do. Isn’t it? So why not do it in a way they touch and impact lives of everyone you touch
Win hearts by hard work, integrity, ethics and kindness- Be so good that they cannot ignore you. Be the best in the room, the master of your craft. And do it the right way even when no one’s watching, because that is what counts.
Be the better version of yourself every single morning- Do not compete with others; compete with yourself. Every. Single. Day. Set goals for yourself everyday, beat them and applaud for yourself.
Communicate clearly and transparently every single time- There ain’t no problem that cannot be solved by communicating. If you’re honest and considerate in your approach, it shows, and you know that too.
Have courage and develop intellectual curiosity to solve complex problems- Do one thing everyday (at least try to?) that challenges you. Learn a new skill. Push harder on something you think you cannot do. Because what if you can? You’d never know if you don’t even try, right?
Be fearless to take off-beaten path- Like Einstein says, “Logic will take you from A to B; imagination will get you everywhere.”. Take the road less travelled. Follow your gut. Explore the unexplored.
Hire the best and retain the most effective people- You’re the sum of the top 5 people you spend time with. So why not choose only the best ones? You’ll learn from them, you’ll be challenged by them and you’ll be inspired by them.
It is these set of values that binds us all together in this beautiful journey where we strive to help people get the money they want, to live the dreams they have. These principles help us push harder to achieve our goal of reimagining credit in India. 🙂
This Republic Day, vow to strive for personal mastery and have a personal constitution, for it will help us be better citizens.
Jai Hind.

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