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Reimagining CreditVidya’s Office Space!

March 25th, 2018
Read Time : 8 mins

We are moving to our new office in Hyderabad in a week. Yay! I get goosebumps just thinking about our new office. It is a dream for every entrepreneur to see his/her family grow and February 7th is going to be one of the most memorable days in our journey.”
This is what Abhishek Agarwal, our CEO, wrote in the monthly (internal) newsletter that he personally curates. And I’m sure, not just me, but all of us at CreditVidya felt the goosebumps and smiled. 🙂
(Especially our folks at Hyderabad- where we moved to a new office space, and the folks in Delhi and Chennai- where we got new offices.)
Moving to a new office, is a lot like moving to a new house. You leave the place you once called ‘home’, the memories you made…and the joy of finding things that you kept “safe” somewhere and forgot.  And only when you’re packing for the new place, you find them and it brings back so much nostalgia.
It’s a mixed bag, really.
But the thing to remember is, when you’re leaving one place, you’re also arriving at another. This end, is the start of a new beginning. New office space means new desk, new meeting rooms… and the butterflies when you wonder where you’ll be seated! Also a lot like first day of school, no?
We have always believed whatever space we live in- be it home or office, should be open and easy to move around. At CreditVidya too, we absolutely dislike cluttered spaces, which is why when it came to re-doing CreditVidya’s Hyderabad office, the first thing we thought of- was removing all the mess and broadening the area’s outlook.  
The five main elements that we brought-in, were the key to a peaceful and motivational office space:
Bringing-in The Outdoors:

Elements and colors that represent nature such as wood, plants, water or even glass and metal can bring the outdoor life, indoors. We wanted to mix nature with the formal environment to create magic, so everybody is inspired at work, constantly.
Colors Everywhere:

Colors bring spaces to life. CreditVidya’s culture has such an array of colors in it (not literally!), that it didn’t take us long to allot each meeting room with a different color. While the centralized area had the primary colors dominating, we got playful with the rest of the rooms.
Internal Snack Center:

Lunch and snack breaks are the only time frames when colleagues get to know each other personally. While most offices prefer the pantry to be placed outside of the office premises for their employees; at CreditVidya, we wanted our employees to interact with each other, discuss creative ideas and concepts, without feeling the pressure of a formal environment. And not to forget the fun while they snack-ed together.
The Game Zone:

The concept of our “game zone” has varied with the different offices that we have rented over a period of time. We have always had puzzles, cricket equipment and so many other activities to keep the brain churning, but this time since we got a bigger office space, we bought Table Tennis indoors (YAY!). It promotes physical activity and a healthy stress-free environment within the office premises.
The Décor:

Although the décor came in last, it was the final element to perfecting the “CreditVidya look-and-feel”. We hand-painted 3 walls with abstract paintings to boost creative thinking and we also put up a lot of frames with motivational quotes all over.
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P.S.: This article is written by Dhisti Desai with inputs from Filoni Kkanani Parekh

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