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Introducing the EVE logo

May 24th, 2018
Read Time : 6 mins

How we designed logo for EVE – Employment Verification Engine, our product that is used to digitally verify employment status of the borrowers

FIG. 1 Why Eve

About EVE

EVE is a cloud-based API solution that digitally verifies the employment status of the prospective customer.
With a turnaround time of less than one minute and simple 1 click verification process, EVE is the go-to solution to verify loan applications of salaried individuals.
It validates the input data- email ID and company name instantly, flags if it’s incorrect and gives a decision depending on the rules configured. This helps you detect fraud (if any) at the loan application stage itself. Also, the exhaustive domain checks and company checks that are run in the background, give you more information about the company- domain’s age, ROC details, Directors of the company etc.
The Concept

FIG. 2 the-brainstorming-ideas-stage

Initially when we came up with a rough logo it was just one-alphabet symbol ‘E’. We felt that obviously, that didn’t do justice to what EVE stood for, so we dived deeper to understand its core essence, so that we could draw its icon justifiably. We considered important keywords such as Employee, Verify, Quick and Digital which led us to the next stage –
The Sketches

FIG 3. The-sketching-everything-that-comes-to-our-mind-stage

EVE was thought across various perspectives with these keywords kept in mind. We tried many variations and most of the sketches came out very thoughtful; and we had to settle for one but which one was the question.
The Colours

FIG. 4 the-colour-selection-stage

While CreditVidya’s brand colours revolve around tones of blue, ochre and orange we picked blue to be the starting point. Moving around the shades of blue we settled on sea-green since it was a bridge between blue- our brand colour and green- colour of verification. This new colour would help EVE create its own identity and standing of its own.
The Final Logo

FIG. 5 the-eve-logo


An employee getting verified is exactly the kind of symbol we settled on, making this the perfect logo for EVE!

P.S.: This article is written by Ruchi Bajpai our Graphic Designer with inputs from Dhisti Desai

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