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CreditVidya’s Big Fat Move

June 13th, 2018
Read Time : 6 mins

Mumbai’s leading fintech company, CreditVidya, moves base from Mumbai to Hyderabad

Gone are the days when Hyderabad was only known for its lip-smacking Biryaani and its rich cultural heritage. Now, it’s known as the T-Hub of India and the credit goes (mainly) to Hyderabad’s RICH. Before you get us wrong, RICH refers to Hyderabad’s ‘Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad’; which focuses on fueling entrepreneurial activity and bridge the gap between academia and industry bodies.
With an ecosystem facilitating starting-up and scaling of businesses, Hyderabad is now matching Bangalore’s current title as the ‘Startup Hub of India’. This change is so rapid, that even the industry giant, Google, has chosen Hyderabad to establish their Indian HQ and R&D centre. And being the tech company that we are, it was only natural for us to move to Hyderabad and make most of these opportunities available there.
Agreed that moving base from one city to another is extremely difficult but we couldn’t resist what Hyderabad had to offer to us. If you ask us what Hyderabad has to offer, we say:
Human Resources: Availability and ease of availability of tech resources like engineers, developers, coders, data scientists and other profiles in Hyderabad, makes it the most attractive city to operate from, for us. And not to forget the choices available when hiring for tech folks. Who wouldn’t like to have abundant (relevant) options to choose from!
Space: The bigger the better! We spend one half of our time in the office. So then, having an office space that is warm, welcoming, spacious and convenient is very important for us. And Hyderabad fits the bill just right! We work out of a huge office that has ample space for people to work, play and eat.
Infrastructure: Can you imagine living and working in a city where you leave home for work and arrive at your office in about a few minutes? Yes. That city is Hyderabad. Thanks to the brilliant infrastructure facilities built in the city, it’s always running fast.
Culture: We’ve always been very happy about how close we are as a team. And moving to Hyderabad from Mumbai, took the team bonding for us on another level. Because now we’re not just working together, but also living close to each other, some of us are even neighbours. So work is fun, but hours after work are also like having a house party! And the rapport just reflects in all we do.
Increased efficiency: It is an established fact that psychological factors combined with the environment we work in, impacts productivity. Building a better environment for our employees, helped not just them, but us too. Because happier employees meant increased efficiency for CreditVidya.
Mumbai will forever be our favourite city that we set-up base in and while it was great being here for five long years, our heart has sailed to the happening tech city of India- Hyderabad.
To sum it up, we miss our old office and old city, but this new office in a new city has brought new opportunities; cause after all, change is the only constant. Also, do not forget our new bio:
‘CreditVidya is a Hyderabad based alternate data credit-scoring company’ 🙂
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