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7 Reasons to join CreditVidya

December 26th, 2017
Read Time : 7 mins

You know you’ve done something right when your team voluntarily writes about you.

And we’re elated that one of our team members- Sanjoy Maji wrote about us on LinkedIn. Here’s an excerpt from his article:
If you are at the start of your career or if you have not yet found the company that can take your learning and career to the next level, CreditVidya is the company you should join. A startup which is growing exponentially in terms of clients and revenue. This is the place to be, if you also want to grow fast.
I am sharing 7 reasons based on my personal experience why I think CreditVidya is a place which you should be looking to work.

  • The Idea and Impact of the Idea:

The idea and impact of harnessing the power of alternate data to enable access to fair and transparent credit to over 500 million underbanked Indians was excitable for me and helped make my decision to join CreditVidya easy. My Manager showed me the amount of insights which can be generated about an individual, using alternate data.

  • Excellent talent & culture:

I am surrounded by talented people with better experience, knowledge of the work they are doing, soft skills and management skills. To surround yourself with smart people is probably the best investment anyone can make, and I made the right investment. As the saying goes, “If you’re the smartest guy in the room, you’re in the wrong room”.
Another important thing is- the expectations are made clear during the interview and no false promises are made which directly aligns to one of the core values which the company has: Transparency.

  • Exposure:

Working in a growing startup opens a world of opportunities for you. You are managing delivery, security audits, creating business requirement documentation(s) in absence of product guys,  talking to and managing multiple clients just within first 3 months of joining.

  • Brand:

Getting associated with a successful startup in its growth phase and when it is building its own brand identity is always an intelligent decision.  Our CEO encourages us to explore, try new things, fail and learn from that failure. Quality is of utmost importance and client satisfaction is what we strive for.

  • Personal Growth:

‘The work in the first 2 years after your college degree, prepares you for the next 10 years of your career’. The challenges you face when an organization is scaling up, the ground-breaking technology and people-skills that one learns here, only help you grow as a leader.


  • Performance Driven:

Being a growing startup, efforts are always appreciated. People are encouraged for taking initiative. This is an evidence of a good business model, coupled with great management. If you are a dynamic, self-driven individual, this is an excellent place to shape your career.

  • Endless Opportunities:

If you are a tester with a knack for coding and want to move to development, you just need to show your coding skills and you will get the opportunity. It will take hard work, long hours and extreme commitment to make it all work, but the personal growth which one will experience will make it truly memorable.
I end this with: “Welcome to a roller-coaster ride for the next few years in your career”.
We’re hiring! If you want to join a fast growing company, work alongside passionate people and be a part of the FinTech revolution in India…CreditVidya is your calling.
Drop us a line alongwith your CreditVidya on 😊

Credits – Sanjoy Maji, Delivery Manager at CreditVidya

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