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“Spend less than you make. That’s it.”

Fun Facts :

A trained professional dancer, Avi has performed at various events including a Bollywood musical at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City.

Abhishek (Avi) Agarwal

Co-Founder & Director

An entrepreneurial bent, a customer-focused product mindset and a willingness to risk failure: that describes CreditVidya Co-founder and Director Avi Agarwal. Avi has his heart set on revolutionizing how people manage the credit-related aspects of their finances, and was dismayed at the miserable state of financial literacy he observed – it wasn’t only the poor, even the urban educated were making terrible financial decisions. A transformational idea was the need of the time: an idea which utilized technology and a group of experts that would work in the best interests of customers and reward people for making smart financial choices. With that in mind, he started CreditVidya.

Prior to launching CreditVidya.com, Avi was Head of Products and Data Strategy at Experian India of the Experian Group, the world leader in credit information and associated analytical capabilities. Avi started his career as an engineer with Thomson Reuters and then worked as an Analyst with a top interdealer brokerage on Wall Street. After his Wall Street stint, Avi helped scale up various startups in domains as diverse as fashion, retail banking, mobile vas, and digital design across India, the US and the UK.

Avi has a dual degree in Computer Science and Math, with an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and London Business School.

“Recast your personal balance sheet by lowering all possible interest rates.”

Fun Fact :

Rajiv comes from a family of soldiers and therefore grew up in a strict disciplinarian household.

Rajiv Raj

Co-Founder & Director

A banking industry veteran, Rajiv Raj has more than 17 years of experience working in reputed banking institutions such as HDFC Bank, Citi Bank, IDBI Bank, and Canara Bank, to name a few. Rajiv started off his career as a banker wherein he managed businesses for Home loans, Personal Loans and SME lending. He is an expert on Home Loans, but his fascination with credit bureaus led him to a play a role in setting up India’s first credit bureau, CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau of India Limited). Rajiv was one of the core members of CIBIL team and foresaw the expansion of CIBIL when it first launched its operations in India.

Following his stint at CIBIL, Rajiv worked at Experian India of the Experian Group, the world leader in credit information and associated analytical capabilities. Over a period of 8 years setting up two credit bureaus in India, Rajiv realized the importance of a credit bureau in every person’s day-to-day life. He found that there was a common thread when it came to credit – both as a banker and as a credit bureau specialist: the fact that Indian customers were completely in the dark when it came to credit, and that there was nowhere they could go for help. To realize his dream of helping individuals make smart financial decisions, he joined hands with Avi to launch CreditVidya. Rajiv envisions an India where everyone will be financially literate and will be able to better use banking services for the benefit of their family and themselves, and he is excited to help bring this about through CreditVidya.

Rajiv has done his post-graduation in Commerce and completed an MBA in finance from the University of Pune.

“Use credit only on need and not on offer. ”

Fun Facts :

Madan has helped over 3780 professionals with their personal finance issues.

M. P. Madan Mohan

Chief Counselor

M.P. Madan Mohan has over 33 years of experience in banking and financial counseling and has worked with Bank of Madura Ltd. in various capacities throughout the bank. Prior to joining CreditVidya, Madan was the Chief Counselor at Disha Financial Counseling Centre, an ICICI Group initiative. At Disha Financial Counseling Center, Madan helped distressed customers to come out of debt trap and helped other from falling into one.

It’s his passion to serve community at large and to inculcate strong financial discipline in individuals led him to join CreditViyda as a Chief Counselor. At CreditVidya, Madan oversees a team of counselors who help customers with their day to day credit questions. His understanding of banking operations and experience of serving distressed customers places him perfectly to help you with your credit needs. Madan believes his financial counselling skills will benefit customers in making informed financial decisions and leading financially enriched lives. In his free time Madan often visits Kerala to be with his grandson.

Madan holds B.Sc. from University of Calicut, Kerala.

“Don't keep more than four credit cards in your wallet; it may affect your Credit Score. Besides it’s difficult to keep track of them all!”

Fun Facts :

Has done bungee jumping and now looking forward to sky diving on her trip to Spain in June 2014

Sonal Nadkarni

Business Development Manager

Sonal manages our Business Development activity and does everything from meeting clients to organizing our Financial Fitness Workshops to client and customer relationship management. The vibrant and dynamic person that she is, she brings life to her work through her passion for interacting with new people. Sonal started her career in Investment Banking and has worked on various deals across numerous sectors. She has done her MSc. in Investment Management from ICMA CENTRE, Henley Business School,UK after completing her Bachelors in Management Studies from Mumbai University.

Sonal loves learning new languages and basically everything that has to do with TALKING! She speaks English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, German and a few lines in Kannada. Over the weekends she likes watching television series or you may spot her shopping at any of the shopping malls in Mumbai.

“Do not put off a bill till next month. You may never catch up.”

Fun Facts :

Pratik is a master at acclimatizing to any place, probably due to the number of schools he has studied in, which is 11!

Pratik Mehta

Product Manager

Pratik’s experience is an eclectic mix of finance and technology. He loves saving, that includes automating things to save time and usually doesn’t wait for someone else to build them. Now he brings that passion to CreditVidya with a twist. A techie at heart, Pratik works constantly on building new tools, improving how the app looks and making CreditVidya available on any device.

Pratik graduated in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology and did his masters with a concentration in Banking and Finance from University of Birmingham, just bringing a variety of experience. Prior to joining CreditVidya, Pratik has had a mixed portfolio: he has worked in consulting, development and analysis. When Pratik isn’t busy crafting logic, he is usually listening to music and playing Call of Duty.

“Never put off paying your credit card dues. Always pay in full!”

Fun Facts :

Amrita likes to drive her scooty all around Bombay, although she thinks Bandra is where it’s at.

Amrita Bawkar

Operations Manager

The perfect blend of youth and experience, Amrita sits at the heart of Operations at CreditVidya, and she’s pretty awesome at it. She is the epitome of the CreditVidya motto of “Customer Delight,”, which means that for her it’s not just about listening to customers and serving them efficiently, it is about actually understanding the customer’s needs and going above and beyond her capacity to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter what the date and time, she’s always ready to solve clients' problems

Amrita started her career in the telecom industry and has since worked in multiple roles before joining CreditVidya. She is now focused on getting her Certified Financial Planning course certification. Amrita has a Masters in Commerce degree from Mumbai University and has done her MBA in finance from Mumbai Education Trust.

In her free time you might find Amrita cruising around in her scooty in the by-lanes of Bandra. No matter where you meet Amrita she will greet you with a smile on her face – one of her traits that we admire the most at CreditVidya.

“Pay your bills on time. Even a single missed payment can hurt your Cibil Score.”

Fun Facts :

She is a SRK fan and has seen DDLJ over 1000 times.

Jyoti Belani

Credit Analyst

Jyoti is a credit analyst with CreditVidya and our youngest employee. She serves customers efficiently by understanding their needs: she takes the phrase “Customer Relationship” very seriously, and will ensure no one goes away from CreditVidya without having their problem solved. Chances are that if you call CreditVidya, you will catchJyoti on the other end of the line welcoming you with a sweet voice and giant smile that you can feel through the telephone line.

Jyoti started her journey in the corporate world with CreditVidya. She now wants to get a certified financial planning degree to grow in the field of finance. Jyoti has a Bachelor in Financial Markets degree from Mumbai University and has done her MBA in finance from Indian Education Society MCRC.

When not engrossed in using her analytical skills to solve customer’s enquiries, you might find Jyoti in a Maratha Mandir cinema hall, catching up on DDLJ.

“Pay off your highest interest debt first.”

Fun Facts :

Shreya loves eating Nutella directly from the bottle after a long day, and in her humble opinion Nutella is the greatest invention known to man.

Shreya Krishnan


Shreya is CreditVidya’s trusty copywriter and responsible for most of the content on the website as well as other social media and electronic media in which CreditVidya is active. She articulates CreditVidya’s voice to the larger world, a responsibility she takes very seriously. She studied liberal arts and architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, and wrote her undergraduate thesis on the representation of history through social science textbooks. A native of Chennai, she has lived in Mumbai, Delhi, Austin and New York, and is now based in Bangalore, where she works as an architect. In her free time, she loves vacationing and outdoor sport: tennis, swimming, jogging, hiking, or canoeing, hanging out with Layla, her pet Great Dane and reading non-fiction.

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