Success Stories

Sana K

Teacher, Baroda
Posted on: September 10th 2013 definitely helped me come up with an action plan to come out of my debt situation. I can’t thank the experts at CreditVidya enough for all their support during the tough times. I saved over 2.3 lacs on my home loan interest payments. I strongly recommend CreditVidya to everyone who can use a little credit advice.

Posted on: September 5th ’ 2013

I love how informative is. It’s very user friendly and has provided me with very useful and valuable information! I know I have a sound financial decision and I owe it to CreditVidya!

Satyajit Singh,

Self-employed, Pune

Manjunath H,

IT Analyst Bangalore
Posted on: 23rd August 2013

I would like to thank Team CreditVidya for educating me about CIBIL report, the way CIBIL works, personal finances and also fixing all the issues with my CIBIL. I am in 735+ club from 500+ score just 3-4 months back, I am sure soon I would be reaching 800+ in a couple of months :)

I really appreciate the way the team handles individual cases and provide customized solutions to bring financial life on track. I have already recommended CreditVidya to couple of my friends and they started using the service and they are very happy.

My special Thanks to Mr.Rajiv for providing me with all the necessary support to obtain personal loan and hats-off to his patience :) for replying all my emails on time with accurate information.

Thanks again for all your support and help provided in fixing the issues in my CIBIL report and I am very happy to see my score in 735 :)

Posted on: Aug 12th 2013

I have looked at my credit report multiple times and still couldn’t understand a thing. I am glad that I got the copy of my planner that helped me understand my report in layman terms. I now know that my score was suffering because of high utilization. I was fortunate to attend one of their “Financial Fitness” sessions and I will strongly recommend the fitness sessions to everyone. Very cool and a very helpful website! You guys rock! I wish you all the very best in future.

Roshni Sinha,

Marketing Manager, Ludhiana

Chetan Sanghani,

Senior Exec, Bahrain
Posted on: July 7th 2013

After getting my EMI Saver, I realized something that I had missed out on in my busy schedule-new home loan availers in India were getting loans at 10.50% and I was sitting at 12.5% on the loan I had taken 4 years back! I got in touch with my Relationship Manager in India about the terms of my loan. To my surprise they have agreed to reduce the interest rate from 12.5% to 10.50%. They asked for a small fee to do this.

The amount of fees I am paying is negligible to what I will save on my interest payments. This is really awesome! I now save Rs. 5300 per month on my EMI payments and over 3 lacs on the tenure of my loan. Thank you for everything!

Rahul Kalate,

Self-employed, Mumbai
Posted on: 7th June 2013

Thank you CreditVidya for helping me remove errors from my credit report. I wasn’t sure why my loan application was rejected every time. You have helped me understand the issues and rectified it for me! I don’t know what I would have done without your help and support.

Posted on: 5th June 2013

Thanks to CreditVidya, I was able to save money on my Home Loan payments. I also got the best advice on what bank to approach when I wanted to get a personal loan for my sister’s wedding. I wish I had known about CreditVidya earlier. I am going to tell all my friends and family about this awesome service.

Srikanth Jayaraman

Plant Engineer, Surat
Posted on: 20th April 2013

I had taken a home loan 3 years ago and had been paying my EMI payments without knowing that I could save on my interest payments. To my surprise team did a fabulous job in helping me save over 2.3 lacs on my interest payments over tenure of the loan. The experts at took time to help me understand how to manage my debt effectively and live a financially fit life.

Amit Trivedi,

Lead Engineer, Patna

Suresh Kumar,

Automotive CAE, Bangalore
Posted on: 12th April 2013

It has been an immense pleasure for having known you and resolving my problem at the earliest.

I had a CIBIL score of 540 with two written off and one settlement. None of the banks were showing any interest to give me a housing loan. At this time only I was introduced to you and your organisation. I am very happy and totally satisfied with the systematic service and advice given by you and your team during all these days. Your organisation has helped me in such a way that I understand the working concepts of CIBIL and credit institutes not only with respect to my case, but also with the CIBIL rating systems and their way of calculating the CIBIL scores.

I am really amazed by the way you were interacting with me during all these days. I feel that the efforts taken from your side are far more superior than any other service providers. A special note to mention on the commitment and communication mails which are secondary to none as my CIBIL score is increased to 735 in 4 months.

I wish CreditVidya all the very best for all the future endeavours.

Deepak Nyayadhish

Supervisor, Pune
Posted on: 3rd March, 2013

I had taken two personal loans and 5 credit cards in the year 2008 for personal reasons. During the recession I lost my job and could pay my EMIs as I had no money. The collection agencies harassed me for money – since I dint have any source of income I had no option but to default. After almost 4 years I got a well-paying job and thought about repaying my debt but now my total outstanding had reached to Rs. 3 lacs. I still did not have that kind of money. This is when I came across an article by Mr. Rajiv Raj from CreditVidya in Loksatta and got in touch with CreditVidya for help and advice. Through Credit Planner and expert guidance they took me through the importance of repaying my debt and the ill- effects it might have on my Cibil report if I had settled.

Thanks to Mr. Rajiv Raj and Team CreditVidya- I am 95% free of debt now! Without their guidance I am not sure if I would have done the right thing of paying off my loans and could have damaged my financial future!

Atul Deshpande

Professor, Banglaore
Posted on: 8th September 2012

Thank you Rajiv and Madan for doing an amazing job! This is a wonderful site. It's very user friendly and has provided me with some very useful insights. CreditVidya really helped me know exactly what I needed to do with my CIBIL report and what I need to do improve our home loan situation. This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!