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Sana K

Teacher, Baroda definitely helped me come up with an action plan to come out of my debt situation. I can’t thank the experts at CreditVidya enough for all their support during the tough times. I saved over 2.3 lacs on my home loan interest payments. I strongly recommend CreditVidya to everyone who can use a little credit advice.

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Our mission is to help you save money.

To us, you are not a credit profile or your Cibil report. You are a person. And as your needs evolve based on your changing financial situation, we’re right behind you, helping you every step of the way.

Save Money, Live Life to the fullest.

CreditVidya is an idea with huge potential: the ability to revolutionize the financial space and tilt the playing field in favour of the consumer. That means you.

Our experts, who have over 20+ years experience in consumer finance and retail lending, found that there weren’t any players in the financial space who actually actively aimed to promote consumers’ interests vis-a-vis banks and financial institutions. And so CreditVidya was born, with the express purpose of empowering consumers and promoting their financial interests. Meet Our Experts .

Save money and Build up towards a secure future.

Good Planning Equals Great Returns

Find out where you stand financially

Understand your CIBIL Report, and key banking metrics in detail with Credit Planner, and find out how banks evaluate your loan application. And what’s more, get unbiased personalized recommendations from our experts. Learn more

Maximum Savings, Always

Get the best rates from banks

Get access to our powerful recommendation engine through EMI Saver.Here you can find products as per your requirements so as to maximize savings at every stage. Learn more

Build a Secure Future, Step by Step

Never get rejected for a loan again

Need help building up towards a healthy credit score for a financially fit future? Score Builder helps you do just that! Learn more